Consign With Us

Where do we get all of our great pre-owned equipment?? From You!  When you Consign (or donate) with us.



If you are looking to make some of your hard earned money back from equipment no longer in use, here are a few things you should know.

  1.  First things first.. You get 55% of the selling price!
  2. Please make sure your items are CLEAN AND SALE READY.  This means no dust, dirt, mud, stains, odor, pet hair, mold or mildew, cobwebs, bugs, other icky crawly things….  we cannot stress this enough!  Also no broken or missing pieces, or items with holes or rips.  Anything found not up to our standards after initial intake will be disposed of without further notice!
  3. Our Consignment period is 1 year.  After 1 year your item(s) will expire.  If you choose to have your item(s) returned to you, you will receive an email reminder 7 days prior to the expiration date.  If your item(s) have not been picked up by the expiration date, they will be donated to local charities, without further notification.  This is why its important to use an email address that is checked on a regular basis!
  4. We do payouts once a month, around the 10th of the month, for the previous month’s sales.  If you choose to pick up your check, an email notification will be sent stating you have a check ready for pickup.  60 days from this email notification your check will expire, be forfeited and donated to local youth sports.   Another reason why its important to check that email!

What kind of items do we accept?  Most gently used items for team sports.  Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey… We also take Cleats, Golf Items (with some restrictions), roller skates and inline skates, snowboards (with bindings),snowboard boots, skis (with bindings that are on the NSSRA Indemnified Bindings List), ski boots,helmets, poles…  If you have any questions on any of your items, please contact us!

Yes, there are items we do not take either because we tried to sell them and there is no market for them here, or we just don’t have the room!  To name some:  Tennis equipment, Boxing/Martial Art/Wrestling equipment, bikes or bike trailers, large fitness equipment like Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines, Weightbenches & accessories, Sports Memorabilia, Bowling Balls, Pool Sticks, Scuba gear/Swimming gear/Life Vests….

Any questions, just ask!

One more thing,  we are currently accepting consignment Monday-Friday, no appointment needed.