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Top name brands in the sports world like Bauer, Easton, Rawlings, CCM….are just a few of the new products you can find on our shelves.

We have a large selection of pre-owned products as well. Equipment for HOCKEY, LACROSSE, SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL,¬†SOCCER, GOLF, FIELD HOCKEY….and more, are on the shelves and ready to go.

We carry a selection of new hockey accessories like skate guards, hockey tape, laces and lacrosse accessories like strings and mesh.

Charitable Giving


South Coast Sport & Consignment is a sporting goods store with a twist. We make charitable giving the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

When we sell donated items we give 100% of the consignment fee proceeds directly back to local youth athletics through cash donations.

Groups like Gateway, South Coast Panthers and Plymouth Youth Hockey have been the recipients of recent donations. In the past year and a half we have donated close to $8,000.00 to local program. Youth athletics just got a little more affordable!

We Sharpen Skates

We have been trained by Blademaster and use the Blademaster sharpening system for the highest quality sharpening possible.

Consistency within the company is paramount so that no matter who sharpens your skates you always get the same professional results.

This is the most important service we offer. We all know that when you hit the ice, if the sharpening job is bad, nothing else really matters.

Why Choose Us?

We donate 100% of the consignment procedes to local youth athletics when you donate your equipment.

When you shop with us you save money!

When you consign with us you make money!

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